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[Giveaway] CollageIt Pro Full Serial License Code (Ended)

PearlMountain Technology Co. Ltd provides 20 number of licenses for CollageIt Pro. 12 CollageIt Pro license code for Windows version and 8 licenses for Mac version. I'll giving away all license for this blog readers. All both version this software will be granted to this readers. Normally, one user license for this software is priced at $29.90.

CollageIt Pro Windows

CollageIt is easy tools to create photo collage easily. Actually there are free version for this software. The free version doesn't allow you to crop any image on your photo collage project. Just requires simple steps to create photo collage easily. This software designed for all lever user. You are novice or pro, can create photo collage in a minutes using this software. CollageIt can be installed on newest version Mac OS X and Windows operating system.

Giveaway CollageIt Pro License Code

Interested to get one free copy CollageIt Pro for your Mac or Windows, please following giveaway rules:

  • Leave a comment on this post and write your reason why you need this software.
  • Select the CollageIt version you want, Mac or Windows version.
  • Its fast giveaway. After your comment approved the license will be sent to your email address. be make sure to use valid email.
  • The giveway ended after all license code granted to this Blog reader.
  • [Optional] share this post/blog on FB, Twitter or Google Plus.

CollageIt Pro key Features

  • Create photo collage automatically. Just add photos and generate to create collage automatically
  • Designed for all lever user. Its come with simple interface.
  • Fast and lightweight software. It just requires small computer resource.
  • Provides real time preview. What you see is what you get.
  • Create photo collage up to 100 number of photos and allow export the photo collage to BMP, JPG, PDF, PNG or print
  • Can save and export the result to BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF, or share it directly to Facebook or Flicker
  • Available for Mac and Windows platform

Visit official website at to try the free version this software. Thanks to Candy ( provided 20 free licenses on this offer.


Write comments
Wen Fri Apr 19, 08:06:00 PM

It's easy-to-use photo collage maker software that everyone will love it. I took a lot of digital photo and always look for free and great photo collage maker. I hope that i will receive the windows version.

freedo Sat Apr 20, 07:53:00 AM

Hi Wen
Please check the license key on your email inbox

caesar navarro Sun Apr 21, 09:49:00 AM

I take so many photos and love playing around with interesting software and CollageIt Pro for windows is the perfect giveaway for me. So please count me in for this amazing giveaway. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Ana Sun Apr 21, 09:59:00 AM

I love making collages. This is great software do do it. Thanks!

athabasca Sun Apr 21, 10:02:00 AM

It's nice program to do various collages. I would like to try make collages with this program.

I use Windows.

randalf Sun Apr 21, 10:05:00 AM

I started make photos and collages are very interesting method to show many pictures. I am Windows user.
Thank you!

freedo Sun Apr 21, 01:49:00 PM

@all, The licenses sent to email inbox
Remaining 7 licenses for Windows version and 8 licenses for Mac version

luis donis Sun Apr 21, 02:25:00 PM

thank you very much for this excellent giveaway CollageIt Pro is an amazing program I am very interested in it because I can make art with make my photos look great and beautiful always with amazing designs I would love to have a license of this great program windows version thanks and regards.

David Sun Apr 21, 05:46:00 PM

Been looking for a more flexible Windows-based collage maker than Picasa. This looks very promising...thanks for having the giveaway!

Abdullah Mon Apr 22, 12:47:00 AM

Thank you this giveaway.

I want to use it as a personal home user. I liked the program.

syed aleem Mon Apr 22, 04:00:00 AM

thanks for the giveaway!
Its best photo college maker and easy to use!
I like windows version!

Em Mon Apr 22, 04:06:00 AM

thank you for your generous offer !

i'd like to have a licensed copy of the windows version so i can prepare photo-collages for my group's newsletter.

TerenceJC Mon Apr 22, 05:08:00 AM

I have always wanted to try creating collages but can't afford to purchase a program only to find out it doesn't work a well a they say. Receiving a license to CollageIt Pro would be awesome.

I need a Windows version for CollageIt Pro.

Thank You for the giveaway!

Shawn Mon Apr 22, 05:45:00 AM

Definitely Windows version in my case.

Here's a tip for Windows Users.. get a software that increases your desktop windows size and you'll be able to have a type of zoom option for Collage Pro also with the right dimensions you can make your own Facebook Timeline covers that will look outstanding... Second tip you can make any clipart or photo as a mask just insert the image into the mask section (For me I've made on the regular version all the safe html color filters) simple tool with tons of options to have fun.

Uself1972 Mon Apr 22, 09:44:00 AM

I have some nice photos of my children and I wanted to print out a few collages. The program just in time. I need Windows version. Thanks for this giveaway.

freedo Mon Apr 22, 12:55:00 PM

@all, Check the licence key in your email inbox.
All CollageIt Pro license code windows version has been granted to this blog reader.

Remaining, 8 licenses for Mac version.

licenced professional Tue Apr 23, 11:04:00 PM

Best collegeit maker
I need Mac version!

vinay Wed Apr 24, 12:05:00 PM

Count me in

CollageIt version i want is windows version

I need this software to Create photo collage automatically. Just add photos and generate to create collage automatically

freedo Wed Apr 24, 12:59:00 PM

@ vinay, all windows license has been granted. Remaining license for Mac version only

jero Wed May 08, 10:43:00 AM

I want to make collages of my holiday pictures and other events. I need the Mac version.

Freedosoft Wed May 08, 01:25:00 PM

Hi Jero
Thank you for participating. Check the license in your email inbox

Denny Michael KL Sat May 18, 05:12:00 PM

I need CollageIt software in windows version to collage all of my holiday or event photos automatically.

Freedosoft Mon May 27, 02:59:00 AM

@Denny Michael KL, All license for Windows version has granted to lucky readers. Remaining 7 licenses CollageIt Mac version

collageit Wed Jun 12, 07:45:00 PM

Pleaseee I really need this cause i want to create a collage to my dad, i wanna give him a surprise and i need to crop some photos. Windows version.

Juliana Mon Jul 22, 11:44:00 AM

I am creating a memorial photo collage and would love to have the mac one!

arno Sat Aug 10, 03:56:00 AM

the software is real good. collages are easy to made! hope to get a licence code. many thanks for pc.

chloe Mon Sep 09, 09:50:00 AM

I love to play with pictures and I want to create something special... I hope to get a licence code for mac.. MANY THANKS <3

Fauzan A Admin Mon Sep 09, 08:55:00 PM

@Chloe, Check the license in your email inbox

Ethan D Wed Sep 11, 09:56:00 AM

Trying to collage my recent overseas trip into a poster. Would appreciate the licence code for mac. Thanks!

Fauzan A Admin Wed Sep 11, 05:08:00 PM

@Ethan D. License sent, Check the CollageIt for Mac license in your email inbox

JL Sat Sep 28, 12:01:00 PM

I'd like to have a mac license. Thank you!

tebs Sun Oct 13, 07:09:00 PM

Hi need a code to upgrade my app need to collage photos for my dad. can anyone help me pls.

using Mac system

app: Collageit

Vinod Sat Nov 02, 08:26:00 AM

Collageit software is easy to use.. Trying to make a photo collage of my friends photo I hope to get a license code for windows. Thanks.

Sara Fri Nov 22, 03:59:00 AM

Hi! My husband and I live abroad and create christmas card to send back home to friends and family.
Wish we could have a license code to upgrade our cards! thanks! (for mac)

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